KNOW YOUR Greenwich Cell Phone Tower Setback Regulation Impact - Illustrated.



Greenwich CT RTM (Town Meeting) RESOLUTION:  1500 FEET  passes 3/8/2010:  This rule impacts 162 acres around each tower. 



CONN Gen. Assembly House Bill#5504  proposes 750 feet setback from schools  (40 acre impact):  

[A Cell Phone Tower that is] proposed to be installed on land that is near a school, as defined in section 10-154a, will be not less than seven hundred fifty feet from such school.


How will this radius affect the future placement of school campus facilities in Greenwich?

Schools are shown in red dots,  and the existing cell towers shown with blue markers:



 Greenwich Hospital   

  5 Perryridge Rd



  monopole 164 ft

verizon @ 124'

sprint @ 154'

t-mobile @ 144'

nextel @ 113'



1 Greenwich Plaza - Arch Street 41.020277778 -73.626111111 rooftop 51'-100' Omnipoint @ 86', Nextel @ 69', Verizon @ 106' Cingular @ 102' t-mobile @ 7'  verizon @ 100' nextel @ 80'

Sound Shore Drive 41.029722222 -73.598333333 power mount CL&P (#1292) 99.00 (P443) CL&P Structure #1292 cing/at&t @ 120' sprint iDEN @ 92'
Sound View Road 41.033055556 -73.568055556 power mount CL&P (#1256) 99.00 P526 t-mobile @ 107.5'


36 Ritch Avenue 41.004397222 -73.646897222 flagpole AT&T Wireless @ 70' cingular @ 64'

Between 20 Bowman Drive 

and King St

41.343333333 N

-73.678888889 W




Verizon antennas @65'


Butternut Hollow Rd 41.096958333 -73.638855556 self-supporting lattice DPS 180.00' D150
verizon @ 100'/130' dps @ 177'/105' cingular @ 150' cl&p @ 165' t-mobile @ 130'




50 East Putnum Avenue 41.032222222 -73.625055556 Rooftop 202'11"-204" YMCA - Sprint @ 208', AT&T @ 225' cingular @ 67'

The farther the tower and the weaker the tower signal, the stronger the radiation power of the handset:

Many who concern themselves with cell phone towers are unaware that:

 1.  Cell phone hand sets increase their radiated power as the distance to the tower increases.

 2.  Cell phones continually advise the tower of their location by a radiated signal. The farther the tower, the stronger the signal.

 3.  Water and water vapor absorb radio signal waves.  The brain is mainly composed of water.  The brain absorbs this signal.

 4.  Texting, wireless internet and blue tooth technology all have similar effects.

 5.  One of the strongest radiators of EMF is the electric hair dryer.  Many other household appliances have strong radiated EMF.

 6.  Florescent lights are a strong radiator of EMF (electromagnetic field) 

 How many acres will a cell tower restrict for schools or school facilities?

 At 1500 ft, 162 acres are restricted.


 At the proposed State setback of 750 ft, 40 acres are restricted.

 At the debated 1 mile setback, over 2010 acres are restricted.

 How many towers are licensed in Greenwich?

Above we have mapped 25 from the Siting Council Comprehensive Database.  Another is pending.



News Update 4/9/2010 From Town Hall, Greenwich, CT:


The Board of Selectmen on Thursday unveiled a nine-member committee that will tackle the issue of cellular service

 -- and construction of cell towers -- 

in Greenwich as a year-long battle over proposed cell towers continues.

Greenwich Police Capt. Mark Kordick; 
Robert Lichtenfeld, managing director of operations for Greenwich Public Schools; 
Katie Blankley, assistant town planner; 
Martin Mushkin, a lawyer; 
Karen Sadik-Khan, an RTM member for District 6/Old Greenwich;
Christopher Franco, a conservation committee member; 
Dr. Peter Arturi from the board of health; 
and state Rep. Fred Camillo, R-151st District
Janet DeLuca, a Representative Town Meeting member for District 12/Havemeyer.

News Update from Greenwich Post 4/15/2010  (in part):


The nine-person Cellular Communication Infrastructure Task Force was approved unanimously by the selectmen last Thursday. Members of the task force include State Rep. Alfred Camillo Jr. (R-151), Assistant Town Planner Katie Blankely and police Captain Mark Kordick as well as residents and representatives from the Board of Education, Conservation Commission and Board of Health. The task force comes after years of controversy, which heated up again in recent months over a proposed T-Mobile cell tower proposed to be installed close to North Mianus School. A proposal to instead move it to the Pinetum Property in Cos Cob has also been met with strong opposition.

 First Selectman Peter Tesei said that a key component of the task force’s work will be determining what service deficiencies actually exist in town and whether the town’s needs are being met by the existing towers.

The task force will need to be able to examine current and potential future carriers in town and look at where service is strong and weak in town, Mr. Tesei said. That can be a challenge since the cell phone providers look at that information as proprietary and have been reluctant to reveal the information. Mr. Tesei said he hoped the task force would be able to use its research and the data it finds to create a true “coverage map” for the town....

While the Board of Selectmen actually would have no power over whether new towers are built and where they might be located, Mr. Tesei said the task force’s findings may have an impact on the town’s ability to speak out for or against specific proposals from carriers. While any plans have to be approved by the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission, the ultimate authority rests with the Connecticut Siting Council. This group’s stated goal is “...Balancing the need for adequate and reliable public utility services at the lowest possible cost to consumers with the need to protect the environment and ecology of the state and to minimize damage to scenic, historic, and recreational values.”

Mr. Camillo has proposed a new law in the legislature that would prohibit the construction of cell towers within 750 feet of a school or day care center. While the law has passed through the Energy and Communication Committee of the state legislature, he admitted there was still a long way to go before it became law. He said he also supports a bill that would create regional siting councils instead of having one state one, which he says will allow for more local control.

“That’s one step closer to what we want,” said Mr. Camillo, who has testified before the energy committee that since the legislature created the state siting council it has the power to limit it as well as even disband it.

As a member of the task force, Mr. Camillo said he will be able to bring experience and information from working both in Hartford and locally with North Mianus families. Mr. Camillo admitted it will be a “hard task” balancing the need for cell phones in town with private property rights.




"How to Limit Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Risk" by Davon Jacobson, Md

There is increasing concern about how much radiation cell phones emit and the damage that may cause to those of us who can no longer remember what life was like without them. The research into the effects of that radiation is still ongoing but recent studies have linked it to brain cancer, salivary gland tumors, migraines, vertigo, and behavioral problems.

All cell phones emit some radiation and the simple truth is they have simply not been around for long enough yet for medical science to effectively access the long term damage cell phone usage may cause. For most people life without a cell phone seems an impossible prospect. There are some things experts are recommending to keep the radiation exposure to a minimum though. These steps include:

Use a headset, even when you are not driving - Headsets emit some, but not as much, radiation as the cell phones they are attached to. However, since some sets emit continuous, low-level radiation take yours off when not in use.

Text don't talk - Another piece of advice is to text rather than talk. Your phone uses less power to text, therefore less radiation is emitted and texting keeps the phone away from your head.

Don't talk when you have a weak signal - A weak signal means that your phones has to emit more radiation to get the signal to the tower. Wait until you have a lot of bars to make that call.




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