Greenwich CT  Emergency Warning System:   Tune to WGCH, which seems to have no working generator, or check the Town Website:

In either case, you could be mis-lead or not lead at all to do the right thing at the right time:

In a sincere effort to educate authorities, readers are invited to submit other examples of untimely, confusing, or incorrect emergency advisory information in Greenwich to


Emergency Warnings from the Government - Lesson 101   USE THE TIME AND DATE STAMP for context:

Actual Forecast:

Actual Screen Shot from Town of Greenwich Front Page at 7:45 pm Sat. April3, 2010 with red oval added:

This page clearly implies a post-March 30 Warning from the Town -  But look at the actual forecast:


 What prior instruction has your household received on emergency evacuation in the event of an "incident" at Indian Point Nuclear?  

    Hint: None - they want you to stay home, while New Yorkers use I-95 and the Merritt to escape to New England.


Is the Public Confused Yet??